Ross Technology Park
Ross Technology Park
Troy, New York
Ross Valve Company

Over the past decade, architecture+ has worked with Ross Enterprises to redevelop historic buildings on their 15 acre technology park site. This includes the reuse of historic buildings for a variety of tenants including the redevelopment of traditional manufacturing spaces for advanced machining, packaging, shipping, and warehousing.

architecture+ has worked with Ross Enterprises to develop a Master Plan for the site. The Park has been developed to maximize parking while allowing tractor trailer access to the warehouse facilities without disruption to the building occupants. Significant attention was paid to make sure the Park maintained a comfortable, pedestrian feel.

In addition, architecture+ designed the renovation of over 80,000 square feet of space throughout the historic buildings for offices, a fitness center, and other manufacturing tenants. For each tenant, we worked with their staff to develop a detailed analysis of their current and projected space needs. We incorporated their needs in unique designs for each user.

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